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August 12, 2012From the creators of the tremendously popular doctor to doctor website, Daniel Palestrant, MD, and Adam Sharp, MD  comes a Doximity type website,  It seems designed to act as a doctor to doctor consult site, as seen in the following very entertaining video

par8o is free for all users.

You and your staff can send, receive, and track all of your patient referrals on par8o. Anytime. Always. For free!

We believe in FREEdom.

par8o helps you match your patients to the care they need. The more physicians that participate the more efficient we all are.

You can upgrade to Premium at anytime.

Match patients to your expertise and improve your payer mix, through par8o Premium. All that for less then the price of your daily cup of joe!

We’re all in this together.

You can refer a patient to ANY physician in the country.

par8o’s comprehensive physician directory allows you and your staff to refer patients to ANY physician… instantly.

We make magic happen.

You send the referral. We deliver it. Every time. par8o has developed extensive technology to ensure your referral gets through reliably and quickly. You and your staff can even track how we are doing in real time. Go ahead. Try us!

EVERY physician,

EVERY time.

par8o allows you to send a referral to any physician… even if they aren’t using par8o yet. You send the referral. We do the rest.

We’re serious about security and privacy.

HIPAA is a big deal.

Every aspect of our technology and product is fully compliant with federal security and privacy guidelines. We make sure of it.

Your identity is a big deal.

All users of the par8o system are physicians or their authorized staff members. We ensure it.

Your privacy is a big deal.

We will never sell, re-sell, package, or distribute any patient or physician information in any form to anybody, now or ever. No third-party advertising to anyone, either. We  promise.

You can be here, there, everywhere.

Practice in more than one office? No problem.

We can send your referrals to any clinical location where you practice. You decide!

Triage is a beautiful thing.

Either you or your staff (your choice!) can decide which practice location is best for the patient. It’s your call.

Different staff in each location? No problem.

par8o enables you to decide who gets notified about each new referral. You can keep it easy, organized, and efficient.

Every orchestra needs a conductor.

You and your staff can manage referrals across multiple locations.

The par8o technology enables a physician or their staff delegates to manage referrals across multiple locations in real-time, allowing them to accept, decline, or delegate referrals… instantly… for free!

Change directions.

When you want to change the clinical path that a patient is on, par8o allows you to make course corrections in real-time. Keeping the patients, staff, and physicians in the loop… all the time.

It’s an (electronic) jungle out there.

Why can’t we all just communicate?

par8o doesn’t need to integrate with EMRs, so every physician can participate. Finally, a place that we can all work together.

Less than 60 seconds. We promise.

You’re busy and we knew referrals needed to take less than 60 seconds. So that’s how long it takes. We promise.

You can have a workflow that… works.

Yup. The par8o interface really is that good. Try it out and see.

Insurance & Payers

YOU match patients, doctors, and payers.

Find physicians who accept your patients’ insurance…for free!

YOU decide which patients are the best fit for your practice.

Provide a real-time list of the insurers and plans you accept … for free!

YOU choose if or when to accept out-of-network referrals.

Take new patients even if you’re out of their insurer’s network.

Referrals. Reinvented. In Your Inbox… instantly.

Get updates on the status of referrals.

Depending on how you and or your staff set your preferences, you can be notified as each patient progresses through the referral process, or you can simply login and see for yourself in real-time. Any time.

Control who gets notified.

par8o technology allows you to coordinate alerts among different staffs at different locations, so you can control who gets notified about each referral and when.

 Decide what an alert is.

You can set specific preferences on which types of events trigger notifications to you and/or your staff at each practice location.

Can par8o make sure that …

… each step of the referral process can be tracked in real-time?

Yes. par8o technology enables physicians and their staff to track the referral status in real-time … and ensure that every patient gets the best possible care.

… my staff can track the correct patients, every time?

Yes. par8o technology enables physicians to coordinate their staff’s ability to track different patients across multiple different locations. Manage these preferences to suit your practice needs.

… my staff can manage referrals for one physician, or hundreds, all from the same screen?

Yes. par8o technology works across ALL practice scenarios: a single staff member, single physicians in just one location, or multiple physicians in multiple different locations … par8o handles it all.


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