Free EHR with $44,000 Incentives to Physicians

A Completely Free Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

It’s really a free EMR Medical Solution?

Yes! Practice Fusion’s Electronic Medical Record system is 100% free. Always been free and will always be free. Unlike other EMR providers, there are no hidden charges, consultant fees, software costs or support subscriptions. Licensing, hosting, training and support services are all included.

How is the EHR free?

Our unique ad-supported model allows us to deliver world-class EHR technology absolutely free. Advertising within the EMR solution is non-intrusive, completely private and never pops-up. Only a single ad is ever displayed on the screen at a time. [See a sample ad from Dell] You can always switch to an ad-free version for $100 a month per practitioner without disrupting your account. Your practice always retains ownership of its data, and you can export it at any time if needed.

Aligned with your practice

Because of our free model, Practice Fusion succeeds when our community actively uses the EMR – a very different perspective than legacy EMR vendors. We are fundamentally aligned with your practice in making our system an easy-to-use resource. This is why Practice Fusion offers such high levels of support, training and enhancements to our system – all for free. Read media coverage of our unique EMR business model.

How is our free EMR service different?

Rated the #1 EHR in customer satisfaction – Forget “you get what you pay for” – our EHR system earned top ratings in an independent survey of 30,000 medical professionals. We earned more top awards than any of the expensive EHR systems.

Pocket your Meaningful Use incentive – You can use our free EMR service to qualify for $44,000 or more in stimulus incentives. Learn more about EHR incentives.

Unlimited free support – Practice Fusion’s support team is at your service. Contact our team in the U.S. anytime for help getting started or making the most of your EHR account.

Strength in numbers – Join the over 100,000 medical providers around the country who love Practice Fusion’s free EMR solution. See what our users have to say.

Beware of free EHR imposters

Practice Fusion was the first free EHR and we’re still the only truly free vendor. Other EHR systems that claim to be free have hidden catches including fees for e-prescribing, support costs, limits on use and other caps. Don’t be fooled!

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